Top 5 best Voice Recorder apps for Android

Here is the list of Top 5 best voice recorder apps for Android.

1. Voice Recorder:

Voice Recorder is the best recorder for a sound account with high caliber. The app is free in the Google Play store. It is basic and simple to utilize. You can easily record your meetings, individual notes, important speech, teachers lecture, live songs or an interview. The app has no time limits for recording. This app can record your sound and voice with a very long time. This application is the best decision. Some of the amazing features of Voice recorder are- high-quality voice recordings, excellent user interface, supported MP3 and OGG, live audio spectrum analyzer, easy to function recording list, share recordings. However, it does not support call recorder.


2. Audio Recorder:

Audio Recorder is the best recorder for sound and audio recording. Audio recorder apps is free in Google play store. It is basic and simple to utilize. You can record anything you want. The app has no time limits for recording. This app can record a high-quality sound and voice. Some of the amazing features are- it records any kinds of voice with high quality, excellent user interface, you can use your sound record, easy to function recording list, email sharing system, record when your mobile screen is dark. So, download this important app and make your android phone enrich with this unique app.


3. Easy Voice Recorder:

The easy voice recorder is the best app for recording some important moments. It can record your personal notes, meetings, classes, songs very easily. This application can record a high-quality sound and voice to save your memory space. It can quickly start your recording and can record in any place. You can share your recordings through email and use the recording as ringtones. Moreover, it can record from your smartwatch too. The best features are light and dark themes. However, you can get more features from pro versions like- you can upload recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox, you can record using a Bluetooth microphone, edit recordings and many more. So, download the free version but you can buy the pro version of Easy Voice Recorder from Google play store.


4. Smart Sound Recorder:

Smart Sound Recorder is a simple and funny sound and voice recorder. It can record meetings, lectures, speakers, and individual notes, snoring sound without time limits. The recording file is saved at your SD card within your mobile. So, the records are saved at file manager. When your complete voice recording, you can just set your recorder sound document name, you will comprehend what records whenever anyplace. Recording interface is exceptionally excellent, much the same as a convention recording device, through a recreation of the great tape turn enables you to appreciate the enjoyment of recording. Some core features are- it can record 3GP or AMR, you can record in the background, easy to control, simple desktop widget, recording without any time limit and so on. Smart Sound Recorder is free in the app store.


5. AudioRec – Voice Recorder:

AudioRec considers as the best app among voice recording app in the Google Play store. The UI of this app makes it best from all the apps. You can record audio and playback both with this app. You can share your voice recordings to your friends. If you are a musician the apps give you perfect support to record your own music. It supports 3GP, AMR, WAV-PCM, and MP4-AAC.  It records very clearly while using a video camera. Recording interface is exceptionally excellent that gives you a real pleasure to hear a live voice. You can play your recordings with a loop feature. Moreover, you can create an extra folder or SD card to save your recording. So, download this magnificent app to your android freely and enjoy the clear recordings.

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