Top 10 Best Wallpaper & Background Apps for Android Device


Finding some great wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet isn’t all that difficult. There are a bunch of apps available in the play store that can do the task. You can also get wallpapers simply by searching on Google. But the apps that are designed only for wallpaper can provide you a better result as per your need.

Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 best Wallpaper & Background apps for Android…

1. Backgrounds HD



Backgrounds HD is one of the older and more popular wallpaper apps for Android. It has a massive inventory of wallpapers and backgrounds which is organized into 30 categories. It also features Material Design, downloading, favorites, and it can set wallpapers within the app very easily. There is a huge quantity of wallpapers available in this app that’s why some wallpapers may not be the highest quality. However, the vast portion of the new stuff you see is right up there in terms of resolution and quality. The app is available for free with advertising.

2. Muzei Live Wallpaper



This is technically a live wallpaper app. However, the app does provide tons of high-quality wallpapers. It rotates wallpapers on your device’s home screen. The app helps to keep your home screen from getting boring. Users have two options to choose wallpapers and images from the gallery or tap into Muzei’s exhaustive gallery of artwork. All the artwork comes with a bit of a history lesson. Muzei Live Wallpaper also supports Android Wear. The app is totally free and the most interesting news is that developers integrate Muzei into their apps. That is really great.

3. Gallery for Reddit



Reddit is surprisingly one of the best wallpaper apps. There are subreddits with a massive inventory of decent wallpaper choices in multiple resolutions. It features a search option for quicker, easier results. Most of the Reddit users put their images on Imgur first. That makes Imgur a decent wallpaper collection app as well. The app might take a bit to find the good stuff. However, there is tons of great stuff here. In addition, basic Reddit accounts are free but can get additional features with Reddit Gold. We highly recommend r/wallpapers+wallpapers, r/ultrahdwallpapers, r/wallpaper, and r/WQHD_Wallpaper for some really good stuff.

4. Resplash



Resplash is one of the newer best apps wallpapers. This app is really a great source of photography wallpapers. It boasts over 100,000 wallpapers with new wallpapers daily. The interface of this app is simple and easy to use. The images are being stored in this app more than high enough resolution for any phone screen. It has also come with some customization features like a dark mode and various layout options. Overall, this is really great for photography buffs.




Tapet is one of the most unique wallpaper apps for Android devices. The app doesn’t come with a selection to choose from. Instead, you choose the wallpaper’s design and colors to make the new one. That means it makes the wallpaper from your choices. This is an amazing way to get some beautiful, minimal wallpapers in the colors that you want. It comes with including extra features like Muzei support, a download function, and more. It uses your phones’ screen resolution for its quality settings. Tapet helps take out the guesswork. In any case, this one is really perfect.

6. Wallpapers by Google



Wallpapers by Google is a great app for wallpapers. The app has a small, but smart selection of wallpapers. It has some additional features including a separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers, an auto-set function for new wallpapers every day. It has a few bugs. In addition, its collection isn’t all that big. However, the app does have some really high-quality stuff. Most importantly, It’s entirely free with no ads or in-app purchases.

7. Walli



Walli is another comparatively best newer wallpaper app for android. It has a bunch of unique and smart collection from a variety of independent artists. You can find all the good stuff here. Some of the popular stuff of this app includes word backgrounds, fantasy themes, abstract stuff, and people. For easy browsing, it includes a simple layout, categories and many more. It is the collection of some unique works that you simply can’t find in other places.

8. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds



This is one of the better 4K and UHD wallpaper apps for android ever. The app has a huge collection of over 80,000 wallpapers which are organized in various categories. It also uses your device display size to auto-fit wallpapers to your screen resolution. It features that takes out much of the guesswork on whether or not a wallpaper will look perfect on your device. Sometimes it may be the causes of occasional bug, namely while scrolling and browsing. Otherwise, it’s a good experience. The app is also free with no app purchase but user have to deal with ads.

9. Wonderwall



It is not one of the most popular wallpaper apps for android. But, it obviously should be. It boasts a collection of tons of photos for wallpaper use. All the photographs in this app come with a great resolution also. Thus, the user will not find any old, blurry wallpapers from back in the pre-HD smartphone age. They handpick every single photo. That’s why new wallpapers are slower to appear than some Rivals. Still, there are benefits to a 100% curated collection. It is available for free with some optional in-app purchases.

10. Zedge



Zedge is one of the older android wallpaper apps in this list. Still, it has a collection of good stuff, though. It also provides notification tones, ringtones, and alarm tones along with wallpapers. That invent it one of the best one-two punches when it comes to customization. The collection of wallpapers in this app range in resolution from fairly low to fairly high. For this, it may not appear good stuff before finding one with a higher resolution. Still, the features of the collection of ringtones and notification tones make it a must for that.


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