Top 10 best video chat apps for Android



Let’s take a look at the list of Top 10 best video chat apps for Android

1. Facebook Messenger



It is the most popular video chat of the age nowadays. It has numerous options to offer you. You can send messages, sticker, funny GIF, and funny emojis. Photos and videos sharing is made extremely easy with this app. If you want to let your friends know where you are, you can avail the location sharing option provided by this app. Group messaging feature is also an amazing feature by which you can share bills with friends, plan hangouts and many more.

Wait, the genuine features are yet to be said. You can have the opportunity of free voice call and video chat over Wi-Fi and data connection.  You can even play games with your pals using this app.  Integration of SMS inside messenger also seems great.

It comes with some drawbacks. It doesn’t come with any option like dark mode which would make it better. Another problem is that images sent over this app don’t come with that much good quality as originals.

2. Google Duo



Google Duo is committed to ensuring the highest quality of video calls. It works both on smartphones (android and ios) and tablets. It comes with a simple interface. You can see the live video preview to know who is calling you before you receive the call.  It also features a video message option if your friend is unavailable for any reason or not receiving your call. Voice calling is another additional advantage of this app.

By the way, some users have reported that sometimes they have experienced that call and video freezes and they can hear the echo of their own voices.

3. Hangouts



Brought to you by Google LLC, Hangout enables up to 150 friends to join in a group chat. As other apps like this, you can also send photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and GIF.

If I talk about group video call, it offers you to converse live with a maximum of 10 people in a single call. To make life easier, it connects google voice account with it for calling, texting and voicemail feature. This app runs on Android, iOS, and web. The good news is that no matter where you use it, you can always synchronize all data in any devices.

One negative aspect is: With the last update, you cannot have different customized tone for different callers. Another complaint against this app is that you may receive spam hangout messages having adult contents.

4. IMO



IMO is a good video calling app that supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. It facilitates group video chats and unlimited free stickers. It ensures you high-quality audio and video calls. I love one feature of this app that is you can easily call your friend online with a good voice and video quality even when your network or your friend’s network is not very strong.

It is a matter of misfortune that it doesn’t show you call durations like other apps of this category. And it is bad luck for USA users that they can not avail the features of this app in their country.




It is a very old app which is still popular. It ensures that you can SMS worldwide. Having SMS connect feature in it, you can read and reply phone messages from your computer, though this is not yet to be released gradually.  Skype enables you to make HD video calls with your family as well as friends. You can chat anytime you want. You can use this app with your Phone, tablets, pc, as well as Macs.

One thing that many may find complex is that this app needs Microsoft account to use it.




VIBER has connected 1 billion users around the globe. It has a synchronization feature to let you use it in a computer, Android, and tabs. This app offers free audio and video calls, low-cost calls to non-Viber users. If you are worried about privacy, this app ensures 100% privacy by encryption facility. Secret chats are deleted automatically after they are read. In the new update, the dark mode feature has been added.

It also has disadvantages like consuming much battery, and no notifications if you do not open the app.


7. WhatsApp



Via WhatsApp, you can send messages, receive and make calls, share photos and documents.  It offers free voice calls. Though it is categorized in video calling app list, unfortunately, video calling feature is only cut out for windows phone users who have 8.1+ windows version installed. But you have to ensure a strong network to make good video calls. For buddies who like to chat together, Group chat is a good feature for them. Along with smartphones, you can use WhatsApp web on your pc.

One worst thing to say about it is that, in the last update, WhatsApp shows another person typing, even if he/she is not.




TANGO comes with the slogan “Go live, get fans, and earn cash!”  It gives you the chance to broadcast yourself to the world. You can showcase any of your talents like singing, dancing, and cooking. In this app, there are live games to keep you engaged when you have nothing else to do. You can redeem gifts from you’re your viewers by showing your talent and consequently earn cash in exchange of that.

By the way, some user may face problem while signing in. It may show “Registrations failed”.

9. Jus Talk



It is a network that offers free calling service via any network. You can create a group, make voice and video calls via this app. Video group call allows you to add up to 16 people. After initiating a call, you can invite additional people, mute, block, or even remove participants; while at the same time send text and images. This app also features international calls with low calling rates. Made for smartphones and tablets it comes with privacy protection by ensuring end-to-end data encryption. Sometimes this app may crash and you may experience disconnection.

10. ZALO



This is a pretty new app that comes with video call and audio calling feature. It also allows group chatting to make a good bond with friends. It works like social networking websites by “Profile” feature to share moments with friends. You can set your audience with privacy settings. A good feature of this app is that you can search nearby friends with its search button.

In ZALO, it may add your friends from phone contact into ZALO contact list without permission. Another trouble is that someone may have been seen online when he/she is not.


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