Top 10 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones to Stay Informed In 2019



Are you looking for trusted apps for a variety of news on your android every day? If yes, then this list of trusted top 10 best news apps is going to help you. Install any of these apps of your choice and you will never miss the news around you. Here goes the list of Top 10 best news apps for Android.

1. Google News



Google news app on Android will keep you updated with every important news that is happening in every corner of the world. It briefs you with the news that might interest you the most. With this app, you will feel like having a whole world of news inside your pocket. This app covers both local stories and world content. The news is presented in a way that you can easily grasp the summary with highlighted events, FAQs and many more. The refreshing feature is problematic. It may refresh the page in the middle of your reading and will lead you back to the top.

2. Flipboard: News For Our Time



Flipboard is a nice app. This app is not concerned to present you each and every news from the earth, but only selected few that matches your interest. In this sense, this is an app to provide you personalized news. If you like sports, for example, this app will bring you news and views that are connected to sports. It will not bother you about anything except your choice. Not only this, but you can also personalize and pick magazines and newspapers that you like to get updates from. With this app, you can dive into those stories that will help you to nurture your passion. It comes with the way many ads.

3. Microsoft News



You can use Microsoft News both in your android app and web. This app brings to you the most important news that matter to you. It holds a partnership with hundreds of publishers worldwide. It has expert curators to choose the best news from trusted sources to send you 24/7. You can move easily from story to story and section to section with a clear and light design of this app. It will collect articles from where you want it to be and will send you those that you find interesting. You can not copy text from this app.

4. BBC News



BBC News will bring you the latest and breaking top stories from around the world. With ‘my news’ option you can personalize your choice of news. You can use the search feature to search for news that suits your interest. It doesn’t stop only pushing news articles to you. It comes with Live BBC World Service Radio to keep your ears engaged. If you have a good data connection, you can avail their video news feature. So, this news app will give you all in one. If you do not have a strong data connection, you may not get the best of multimedia kinds of stuff.

5. Reddit: Social News, Trending Memes & Funny Videos



It is a community having over 100k active users. It is a place where you can think, discuss, enjoy, and engross yourself in topics that you like. You can read posts and write posts here. With this app, you can keep yourself updated with the age knowing what’s going on in the virtual world. All the news trends and news of the present get posted there from members around the globe. So, it is not news only that you get, you get funny and viral videos, comments and discussion on various topics and learn a lot from all these along with participating. One bad thing about it is when you comment on any of the posts and then go back, this app will take you again at the top of the news feed.

6. SmartNews: Breaking News Headlines



This is an award-winning Android app on news. It features news from top publishers like USA Today, TIME, The Verge, AP, Buzzfeed and many more. Besides reading news online, you can save news to be read offline or when you are free. You can customize your preference to choose news and publishers that you like. You will get notifications for breaking news instantly. It comes with a smart reading mode to give you the best experience. Ads, popups, and surveys may disturb you while reading.

7. FeedlySmarter News Reader



This is not just a news app. With this app, you can easily manage all your publications, blog, YouTube channels, and many more things. All the content showed in this app is clean and very readable. This app has feeds for almost everything like business, design, tech, media and what not. You can dive into any niche you like to read and get informed about. If you turn the screen off, audios also turn off.

8. InShorts60 words news summary



Life is very short. We have got limited time to spend in this world. InShorts comes to help you if you are too busy to read any news. It selects news from national and international sources and summarizes that news within 60 words or less. This app was selected as one of the best apps in 2015. So, InShorts is an easy solution for busy people. Bollywood Masala and many adult contents featured here may seem irritating to you.


9. News Break: Local and Breaking



What news are you looking for? Local, Breaking, Weather, or Traffic? News Break features all news for you. If you are looking for a blend of all kinds of news including entertainment and celebrity news, this app will do it all. All you need is to choose any topic you are interested in. Besides reading, you can check the nearest restaurants, deals and many more. It also features viral videos of the day and funny GIFs.Too many pop-ups and ads are displayed.


10. TopBuzz: Breaking News, Funny Videos & More



If you are a sports fan who never wants to miss a ball or moment, this app will come to your help. It brings to you ball by ball updates and all local and international news in this tiny app. The app also features politics, entertainment, and any news of your preferred topic. It personalizes news for you. If you want to keep updated with the trends and what’s going around, you should use this app. Videos shared here may seem to you as click bait and stupid.

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