Top 10 Best Medical Apps for Android to Get Instant Medical Help



For your quick & instant medical help, there are some medical apps that you can get on your smartphone. These are very useful to consult medical information as well as drugs guide, diseases guide, and medical news.

Note: if you feel any serious complications, make sure to visit an actual doctor as soon as possible. Do not use these medical apps to diagnose or treat any condition!

1. CareZone



CareZone is one of the best newer medical apps for Android out there. It is an all-in-one style app that provides doctor’s instructions as well as helps you to manage you and your family’s medications. Some of the features the app includes medication lists, the doses for those medications, and additional doctor instructions if necessary. CareZone includes a calendar so you can make schedules, a journal to log any incidents that may be of use, and you can categorize your doctor and pharmacy contacts. It is entirely free to use with no ads or in-app purchases.


2. Doctor on Demand



Doctor on Demand is an amazing medical service app for Android that connects you to board-certified doctors in your area. You won’t get an extensive diagnosis with it. However, you can get instant help for things like the flu, anxiety, depression, heartburn, skin irritations, and other minor issues. Obviously, you’ll go to an actual doctor for anything more serious because these doctors can’t execute treatment or testing. The service provided by the app seems to work well overall, and users have had only positive things to say about having a doctor in their own pocket. Doctor on Demand is one of the better medical apps for those who need an immediate visit without jumping through hoops.


3. Epocrates



Epocrates is one of the best Android apps for medical professionals. It provides services like a directory of doctors, pill identification, drug prescription information, medical news, and various medical calculators such as BMI and GFR. The App also includes potentially harmful drug interactions. That one is really helpful for both medical professionals and us normal people. Epocrates is not among the best looking Android medical apps. However, the usefulness of this app far exceeds its slightly antique design. An App is a handy tool for mechanic professionals especially. Non-medical background people may want to look elsewhere.


4. Figure 1 – Medical Images



Figure 1 is quite a helpful app for those people who are doctors and nurses. It gives a variety of medical images that doctors can use to help diagnose their patients. It won’t be useful for the basic or common stuff that basically all doctors know. However, the app can be helpful for those rare diseases. It also provides amazing features includes HIPAA-compliant messaging between doctors, connect with other doctors, and many more. This one is also medical professionals, not us normal people.


5. GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons



Here, GoodRX is one of the better medical apps for non-medical people. It is an app for buying and comparing drugs. Another feature of the app that enables you to compare drug prescription prices, finding deals, and helping find the best medication for your budget. Obviously, you should run it by your near doctor before you really buy medication, but it is a very good way to educate yourself on what’s available to you. The experience of the app is quite positive.

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6. Medical Terminology



Medical Terminologies is a very good reference guide which can help you learn different medical terms.yo can able to find information on plenty of uncommon words and phrases. It comes with full offline support, a quick search, and unlimited bookmarks. There is a collection of mass information and unlimited bookmarks feature are especially helpful. The design of the app little bit older but very functional. For medical students, it will be one of the best medical apps for medical students.


7. MySugr



MySugr Diabetes Logbook is a useful app that helps you keep track of your diabetes. The app really works for both type one and type two diabetes. Another feature of this app include analysis, quick logging, and an insulin calculator. The free version comes with some basic services. By paying subscription fees you can unlock more useful features.


8. Read by QxMD



Read by QxMD is one of the more Mystical medical apps for Android out there. The objective of this app is to deliver medicine related news, topic reviews, the latest medical research, and other medical-related literature without any hassle. The app is an excellent resource for Medical Professionals to themselves updated and to see to see what’s going on in the world of medicine. For later reading, you can downloads PDFs, browse through 1,000’s of topic reviews, and you’ll have access to a variety of journals. Read by QxMD is totally free with no ads and no in-app purchases.


9. Weather Underground



Usually, think of when it comes to medical apps. However, it can help people with illnesses avoid hazardous or dangerous situations. The app has a pollen count, a particulate matter type meter, and an ozone meter also. That can be very helpful and useful for those with allergies or breathing problems.  We know it’s a bit of a weak selection. However, it is free with a $1.99 per year subscription to remove ads.


10. WebMD Apps



WebMD provides a series of decent medical apps out there. Their main app is kind of all in one app. The app has drug info, info about diseases, and all kinds of other helpful and necessary information. They also have an app specifically for children, another one allergies, and even one for coaching pain. There is a series of Medscape Android medical apps also. These apps are mostly for physicians. However, it provides some useful info for everyone. We know it may be easy to try to self-diagnose using medical apps like this. However, the reference for this app pretty much good.

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