Top 10 Best Medical Apps for Android to Get Instant Medical Help



For your quick & instant medical help, there are some medical apps that you can get on your smartphone. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Medical Apps for Android.

1. CareZone



Do you often forget to take medicine on time? Do you need tracking your blood glucose, sleep, weight, and other health vitals? CareZone accommodates both the feature at the same time. It comes with reminder features that ensure that you take your medicine at the right time; while it tracks your health vitals to keep you updated about your body. It doesn’t stop here. It organizes important contacts of doctors, pharmacies, family, and friends. The best thing that it provides is that it let you create the list of the prescribed medicines. You can upload it manually or by using your camera. No matter wherever you go, your medicine list goes with you if you carry this app!

Despite all the advantages, bugs, crashes, and advertisement of medicines are some negative points.


2. Doctor on Demand



Sometimes it happens that you are too busy to visit your doctor or maybe you are terribly ill to move. Doctor on Demand app is designed to serve you on necessities like these. It features live video visits with certified physician and psychologists. You can save a lot of time by taking help from this app and at the same time, it is less expensive. In this app, you can chat with doctors 24/7 about any health issue and can get the proper medication. Doctors here, like in clinics, check history, symptoms, examine the patient and prescribes treatment as needed. Though it is a great choice for quick service, it treats very limited diseases like allergies, cold and flu.


3. Epocrates



Made for health professionals, this is actually a medical reference app. More than 1 million doctors trust this app to use in the moments of care. Doctors can view essential information about drugs and how to prescribe them. It comes with both adult and pediatric dosage of medicines, contradictions, adverse reactions, how to use medicines at the time of pregnancy and so on. For doctors, there guides to use on a wide range of topics. This app also features information on various diseases and epidemics, alternative medications, and so on. It seeks access to your storage and it freezes often.


4. Figure 1 – Medical Images



Are you a doctor, nurse or medical student? If you are one who belongs to one of these categories, you will find this app very helpful. This app will work as an assistant to you for X-rays, ECSs, and anatomy cases.  It comes with educative features that let you enter into the world of learning from teachers of various fields. In this app, you can find over 1 million health professionals and communicate with them via direct messaging. Having many advantages, it also has some technical issues. Sometimes, it takes time to load pages and you need to keep refreshing.


5. GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons



This app compares the price of the drugs from various pharmacies nearby you and will suggest you the one which comes with the lowest price. This app may help you to reduce your cost of buying prescribed medicines up to 80%. It even provides you with a coupon which will help you to get discounts on hundreds of pharmacies. The most amazing thing about GoodRx is, you do not need to spend a penny to use it. You can use it for all the members of your family, even for your pets. To talk about the issue, all the pharmacies may not always accept the price or discount provided by GoodRx.

6. Medical Terminology



It is a dictionary of medical terms. Containing more than 40 thousand articles on various topics, it is a great database of medical information. You can find the meaning of terms, phrases, and abbreviations.  It files the most common medical terms, diseases, and symptoms. In the dictionary, you can bookmark, save history, quick search words and even you can email any term to anyone instantly. So, if you are a healthcare professional or medical student, this is an essential app for you. It comes with many ads that you may find intrusive.


7. MySugr



Are you a diabetic patient? If yes, this app is designed for you. MySugr app comes with blood sugar tracker and carb logger. It helps diabetic patients greatly by auto-logging of the data such as meals, died, medicines, insulin, blood glucose and many more. Healthline selected this app as a top diabetic app from 2015 to 2017. Forbes, TechCrunch, The Washington Post have featured this app on their websites. It works together with Accu-Chek Aviva Connect and Accu-chek Performa Connect. You may have trouble connecting with Accu-Chek sometimes. And it is not entirely free of cost.


8. Read by QxMD



If you want to keep updated with the latest medical and scientific investigation and research, QxMD can help you. It offers thousands of topic reviews and articles and access to the PubMed database. You can avail full PDFs with just one tap. You can access full text with your institutional subscription or open access publishers. QxMD also lets you share any articles to your friends and colleagues via mail, Facebook and Twitter. Till now, it is an amazing app with no apparent problem.


9. Medical Drugs Guide Dictionary



Brought to you by Van Solution, this app works as a medical guide for using prescribed drugs. It contains drug information including dosages, side effects, how to take, interaction and contradictions, missed dose etc. You do not need to worry about spending on this app as it is free to download. At the same time, you do not need to bother about internet connection as it works offline. It comes with a very friendly and customizable user interface that let you search anything here with comfort. It is an effective app for doctors, nurse, and conscious people. As it is a free app, it comes with ads.


10. WebMD Apps



WebMD Apps are a bunch of apps with different names and purposes. The app is designed for baby care. With this app, you can track feeding, diaper change, sleeping cycles and growth of your baby. In Medscape app, you can check drug features, interactions, pill identifier, and other important things. You have a community of clinical advisors discussing real-life cases. Medscape MedPulse app comes with medical news, articles, new practices, updates on clinical investigation and trials. This is absolutely free to use. WebMD has other useful apps like Medscape CME & Education and plain WebMD app. WebMD Apps are the best choices for both professionals and students.

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