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Our generation is involving with the mobile phone and they are not too much health conscious. Maximum of our generation is become fat and get sick very easily. Our smartphones can help us in a lot of ways to keep us healthy. From sleep tracking apps to workout tracker apps the Google Play has all the varieties. This application helps us to take data from sensors and show us the data that can help us to lose weight, gain muscles and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have a gym or train from home, the fitness apps help us to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Let’s look at the list of Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for Android

1. Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker




Those who want to exercise daily “Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness tracker” is one of the best mobile apps. It usually uses GPS track of your running, walking, biking, and jogging routes. This app uses this tracked information to create detailed graphs and tables regarding your progress. Moreover, this app can also use when you are on a treadmill or other gym equipment. It includes voice coach, live tracking, and cheering, and set running goals. Finally, you can share your success rate on Facebook and Twitter from Android Wear.


2. Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance



With this exceptionally far-reaching and amazingly in a stylish app, Nike offers 100+ exercises differing from endurance, portability and strength, 15-minute exercises and longer continuance sessions, so you can always show signs of change up your exercise.

Airplay and AppleTV support (alongside Chrome cast mirroring) will show the guidelines on a bigger screen or speaker framework, and it even highlights plenty of renowned competitors (counting Rory McIlroy, Ellie Goulding, and Serena Williams) busting perspiration with you as ‘inspiration’. A special reward exists on the off chance that you utilize the Nike+ Run Club application, as the entirety of your running endeavors will be consequently synchronized to your Nike profile as well, giving a total image of your fitness.


3. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking



Google created the Google Fit. It uses sensors in a user’s movement tracker or versatile to record the fitness exercises. It will check your speed, pace, course, rise, and so on and demonstrate the ongoing details of your running, strolling, and riding occasions. You can also set the clock for your means, time, separation, and calorie consumption. Additionally, it has added up to incorporation with Android Wear. This activity application is ideal for home exercises.The application incorporates every one of the features in the free version itself with no promotions or in-app purchases.


4. Runkeeper: GPS Track Run Walk



Runkeeper is the most useful fitness apps for Android that has more than 50 million clients. It exploits GPS empowered cell phones to follow wellness exercises and give equivalent outcomes. Runkeeper can calculate running pace, cycling speed, route distance, rise, and calorie consume with high precision. It enables its clients to see the full history of exercises.

Moreover, you can pursue preparing plan exercises or make your own with audio training. The application is free and advertisement upheld alongside some in-app purchases. You can likewise utilize it with Android Wear smartwatch to follow all your details. Run keeper additionally accompanies widget support.


5. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans



More than 25 million individuals use Sworkit on the grounds that it’s the best exercise application on earth. You can select what exercise you have to do, at that point Sworkit will demonstrate you precisely what to do. No additionally requiring a gym center, or loads, or reasons, just Sworkit.

Sworkit the sort of exercise you’re searching for (strength, cardio, yoga, or extending) and the measure of time you must do it (somewhere in the range of five minutes to 60 minutes), and the application conveys moves to pursue during your sweat session. Update and the application will empower you to redo your exercises by setting the number of reps and the zones of the body you need to concentrate on. It’s a basic framework that offers extraordinary exercises for those effectively furnished with the learning of the zones they need to target.


6. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer



MapMyFitness helps you to track and guide each and every exercise and get input and details to increase your exercise. It covers more than 600 unique kinds of following exercises, for example, running, cycling, strolling, gym exercises, cross training, yoga etc. You can also get audio feedbacks on each GPS tracked exercise alongside adjustable voice feedback. Additionally, there is calorie counting, nutrition, diet arranging, and weight tracking.

You can upgrade courses to discover to cope up with your body fitness. You can also share the data with your friends. The application is free with advertisements and in-application purchases. To avoid advertisements, you can pick to be an excellent part, which will also unlock extra valuable features within the application.


7. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App



JEFIT is an exercise center mentor and fitness tracker application that gives free work out schedules to enable you to remain fit and gain progress of your sessions. It has more than 1300 definite exercises that incorporate animations on the best way to execute them. There is also fitness tracking, advance reports, a resting timer, exercise logs, goal setting, etc. You can get another exercise programs made for multi dayparts. It enables you to synchronize every one of your information with the cloud and also works in offline. The application is free and advertisement along with some in-app purchases. Finally, it has also the smooth user interface.


8. Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming



Strava tries to associate the world’s competitors by giving an inspiring background less the garbage posts you may discover on other informal organizations. They state that you may join Strava for the application’s following capacity, however you will remain for their persuading and focused network. Strava is our best pick for social preparing.

Strava’s people group includes a huge number of cyclists, sprinters, dynamic explorers, and stars that record their exercises. Strava’s action following gives key insights, for example, speed, pace, remove, rise picked up, and calories consumed amid and after exercise. An intelligent guide of your movement is likewise shown.

You can contrast your execution and different clients and associate with the network, and also share features of your movement, stories, and exhibit photographs of the best minutes from your run or ride. Consolation and inspiration can be picked up or given through remarks and credit. A touch of agreeable rivalry can likewise be infused into your exercise by shooting for the best time on the leaderboard.



MyFitnessPal is the most mainstream fitness applications on mobile. It completes a little bit of everything. It charges itself as a calorie counter application. The application supports stuff like different eating regimens, foods, and macros in case you’re into that stuff. It additionally tracks fundamentally any exercise, associated with many different gadgets and applications, logs and keeps tabs on your development, and it even has easily overlooked details like exercise clocks and step following. It’s costly at $9.99 every month. In any case, there are few fitness applications or even diet applications with the dimension of depth and reconciliation that MyFitnessPal has.


 10. You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren




You Are Your Own Gym (adapted as YAYOG) is a better than expected exercise application for home use. It includes an assortment of exercise with equipment requirements from a normal chair. The application includes more than 200 activities sorted out into different classes. There is additionally an optional (and free) module to include video exhibitions of everyone. This one is somewhat old and the UI isn’t incredible. However, it has a few expenses and it should work for pretty much everyone. Obviously, those setting off to a gym center with genuine equipment may need an alternate application to give them practice schedules.


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