Top 10 Best Android Browsers in 2019 to enhance your Device

Top 10 Best Android Browsers in 2019

Browsers are a very much important thing for Android devices. Without a browser, we cannot surf the internet. Some browsers help us to work and surf smoothly some are not. That’s why we made a list of top 10 best Android browsers.


1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is a web browser build for Android and iOS operating system. MoboTap developed this app. It is considering as a first alternative browser which supports multi-touch gesture. The system uses the Webkit engine and can run Adobe Flash on Android. Some of the features of Dolphin browsers are tabbed browsing, dolphin sonar, gesture browsing, Sync, and Webzine. Dolphin browser is free for both Android and iOS users. This browser gets several awards like- PC Magazine best free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011 and was named to CNet 100 in 2011. This app got six million five stars review on Google Play.


2. Firefox Browser

Firefox is open source web browser by the Mozilla Foundation or Mozilla Corporation. It is the most popular Web browser in web browsing history. The browser gives faster download speeds. The browser maintains better security than other because of Java and ActiveX. The latest version includes Thunderbird which works for mail component. The browser is linked with Google search engine. It supports RSS feed. Moreover, anti-phishing protection is a new feature of security of this browser. Firefox already improved its multiple search engines. Furthermore, spell checking, session restore etc. are another exclusive feature.

3. Google Chrome

Google chrome is a cross-platform web browser which is developed by Google. The app starts its journey at 2008 for Microsoft Windows but later it was started to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. The source code of this browser comes from Google’s open-source Chromium project. Webkit was Chromes original rendering engine. The web security us maintained by sandboxing based approach. Chrome supports HTML5 and CSS for Web standards. The app is totally free in PC, Android, and iOS. Chrome Web Store was first launched by Google in 2010 where the user can buy and install Web-based apps to run inside the browser.

4. Opera Mini Browser

Opera mini is the best browser for fastest web surfing. If the WI-FI support is not good, opera mini can give you excellent support with that slow rate. You can download videos, files etc. very quickly with the help of Opera mini. Some of the features of this browser are very unique. The browser saves about 90 percent of the data and browses very quickly in a slow internet. Moreover, anyone can surf the web without the interruption of the advertisement because the app has a built-in app blocker. The app can download the large file even if you disconnect your internet connection. When you start your internet connection it starts the download process from that part. So enjoy the fastest surfing in your android phone.

5. UC Browser

UC Browser is a free downloadable app for android users. This browser has some outstanding features like- Data Saving, Ad-Block usefulness, and encourages you to get to the music, video, cricket data with the help of a finger touch. If anyone wants to know the update of cricket news, the browser has itself a cricket games feature. You can know the update scores, and watch cricket live stream, and look at match scores on UC Browser. You can also check your train status and train related documents from the UC browser. You can share stickers with your friends while you using social networks. Finally, the browser makes your browsing life more fast and smooth.

6. CM Browser

CM (Clean Master) Browser helps to protect from the malicious virus but gives a user the fastest browsing experience.  CM Browser makes different online videos downloadable. Because of these stunning features, you can download the majority of the video you need. Moreover, the Ad block capacity can clean irritating pop-ups, standard advertisements, and video promotions and give you a happy with perusing background. The browser gives protection for your device when you want to download video files. CM browser has an incognito mode which helps a user to browse without any history. It maintains the privacy of users browsing. After closing the app, it automatically deletes your browsing data. So download this app and enjoy its features.

7. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is fast, the free web browser for android users. It optimizes data and battery power. Moreover, the built-in Ad block capacity helps to block ad and gives you perfect web surfing experience. The browser gives protection for your device because it maintains https protocol. It blocks pop-ups, third-party cookies, and private incognito tabs. It maintains the privacy of users browsing. Brave optimize page loading time which helps a user to browse quickly and save battery power. So download this app and enjoy its features.

8. Puffin Browser

Puffin browser makes a user a thrilling experience for its fastest browsing speed.  The regular user feel bore to use another browser instead of puffing. The browser is wicked fast because of cloud support. The puffin app server is encrypted so that a hacker cannot hack your data while you using this browser. The browser provides latest flash player over the cloud. It also saves your bandwidth. Some of the important features are- incredible speed, Adobe flashes support, theater move, virtual gamepad and fastest JavaScript engine and so on. The UX sense of this app is very nice. However, the servers are from the US, so it only accesses public websites from the US.

9. Maxthon5 Browser

Maxthron5 browser is made only for mobile. You can save any data and read them in offline mode. It optimizes your mobile data. The browser is considering as 5th generation web browser and it achieved three consecutive “Best browser” awards. It has a built-in note taking tool which helps to take notes during web surfing. You can give the password to any significant websites so that no one can go and visit that websites through your mobile. It has a built-in email manager where a user can create a number of shadow email to block or visit some websites. Moreover, it has a customizable speed dial system which a user can surf their favorite site easily. The browser is free to download in Google Play store.

10. Flynx

Flynx helps you to read data from websites. It helps you to save time by loading articles and other files in the background. It saves your mobile data and loads your website faster. You can easily read the article when you started to use Flynx. You can save your article and read in offline mode. The app allows you to share links in any social networks very easily.  It supports around 15 languages including Arabic, Brazilian, and Chinese etc. Anyone can download this app from Google play store.

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