Top 5 best security apps for Android

To keep your Android safe, it is recommended to download and use antivirus or internet security. These apps will help you to protect against Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware and so on. That’s why we compiled a list of top 5 best security apps for Android.

1. Security Master:

Security Master is another version of CM security. This app protects your privacy and secures your mobile from the virus. The unique features of Security Master are- it has an intelligent diagnosis which works as antivirus, junk clean, phone booster and so on. Next, it has fast secure VPN proxy, Wi-Fi security which helps you to protect your network from online safety, Anti-theft alarm helps to detect when someone moves your phone, hide notification, app lock and intruder selfie. The app is totally free to download in the Google Play store.


2. 360 Security:

360 security is the best security apps which are downloaded by 200 million users. The app works as a cleaner, speed booster, antivirus and also optimize your memory storage, junk files, background apps and save your battery. Some of the features of 360 Security are – it can scan your installed apps, memory and new apps also protect your android from viruses, adware, and malware. It cleans your junk files, it boosts mobile speed, multi-function lock screen includes wallpaper, operate music player during lock screen, avoid overcharging, local weather update etc.


3. Virus Cleaner:

Virus Cleaner works for MAX Security, antivirus is one of the first-class security applications or free antivirus applications in Google Play Store. Virus Cleaner has an antivirus, virus scanner, virus removal for Android, mobile cleaner and speed booster. The unique feature Max security that dependably gives you twenty-four-hour security and increases your device performance. Virus Cleaner antivirus is trusted by ten million users, by giving legitimate antivirus engine. The main features of Virus Cleaner are- it is the best antivirus app because it gives security with virus cleaner and ensures your mobile security.


4. Antivirus Free 2019:

Antivirus Free 2019 is the best security apps that help to secure your android. It gives your Android security, pressed with virus cleaner, Virus Protection, junk cleaner, speed booster, AppLocker, and battery saver. It gives protection to your mobile storage. Trusted by more than 5 million clients around the world, it gives proficient antivirus to android and telephone security administrations including antivirus, virus cleaner, virus output, and virus expulsion. Antivirus application and security software. The app is totally free in the Google Play store.


5. TrustPort Mobile Security:

Transport Mobile Security is the best app and it is proved by some higher developer. That is the reason Trust Port has built up a security application for mobile phones, which depends individually filtering motor and which offers its users the most ideal antivirus app. Trust Port Mobile Security offers you not just the capacity of examining your mobile, it also offers personal protection that helps on access filtering, as primary assurance against malware. The application empowers you to surf the web securely.

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