Top 5 best kids writing apps for Android

Writing is a very important and basic part of education. Now a day’s children are very much fond of android phone. So apps developers build some apps to teach our children. The following are the list of Top 5 best kids writing apps for Android.

1. Kids ABC Learning and Writing:

Kids ABC Learning and Writing is free writing app for children. This app will reduce the tension of the kid’s guardians. So, this application is important for both kids and below 13. Numerous guardians are stressed in light of the fact that their children dependably play with their mobile, however, at this point, you don’t stress over that, simply introduce this app on your device and disregard your stress. You can get excellent sound in this that helps your children to appreciate this application while playing. Compose letters in the order in green board pursue number 1,2,3 and your child can follow the arrow sign to write the alphabet. If you want to restart again there is an eraser that helps you to start again. Finally, ABC Learning and Writing apps are allowed to play with the goal that your child can learn Alphabet, letter, and word and can enhance vocabulary information of English in Completely FREE


2. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics:

ABC kid’s app is a free phonics and alphabet teaching application for children like- preschoolers, kindergarteners, and toddlers which creates a great environment of learning. ABC Kids has great features which includes tracing games that helps a child to recognize word shapes, phonic sounds and increase their knowledge in fun matching exercise. Any kids can learn English alphabet simply by following the instruction with their finger. They can even collect stickers and toys as a prize when they complete the games. Finally, ABC Kids app is fun that creates a great amicable environment for small kids.


3. Writing Wizard – Handwriting:

Writing Wizard is the ideal apps that help your children to figure out how to compose the letters of the alphabet in order, numbers, and words through a fun way. Some of the features of this app are- to teach how to write letters, teach basic writing skills, create your kids’ word skills, seven font skills, shape tracing and check learning progress and so on. The app is made only for kids, toddlers, early learners, and pre-school kids. There is a practice option where kids can practice what they learn from these apps. Finally, the app is free to download from the Google Play store.


4. ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning Game:

ABC Preschool Kids Tracing and Phonics Learning games have above 350 worksheets to practice your little child. It teaches your kids beginning from lines, phonics and copy from another ABCs and numbers 1 to 10, shapes and colors. ABC Preschool Worksheets incorporates fun, instructive exercises for babies and children. This is a free learning app for your children which will make your children learn alphabet very easily. It also helps your kids to learn free drawing. Some of the features of this app are- Learning of English letters, numbers, Shapes, bends, inclining lines, straight line, straightforward lines and free illustrations, colors, and progressively other fundamental vocabularies. Children figure out how to compose letters of the alphabet in order, numbers and shapes.


5. Slate for Kids:

Children will love slate as it causes them to rehearse English Alphabets or A-Z utilizing 4-line tracing, Hindi letter sets utilizing 3-line tracing. Teaches them 1-50 numbers, draw shapes and shading. Some of the important features of Slate for kids begin writing in various colors with various sizes of pencils and brushes. Moreover, Slate for Kids has three lines following for Hindi letter sets. Hindi letter sets additionally has got Vowels and Consonants. Rehearsing Hindi letters in order on specked lines encourage children to comprehend words and bends utilized in Hindi letter sets. Customary practice on three lines following help them comprehend and get familiar with the letter sets. Babies, nursery kids, preschool children can jot, draw lines, bends, animation drawing and shading enable them to comprehend utilization of pencil, colors, and eraser. Your children can play the favorite games Tic-Tac-Toe in Slate for children. Parents can see their children effort. Finally, Slate for kids is free to download and you can play it offline.

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