Top 5 best kids learning apps for Android

Nowadays parents can make learn their children by using various sources. Free android apps are a great source of them. there are so many third-party kids learning apps available in play store. By using those app kids can learn their basic knowledge. Here is the list of Top 5 best kids learning apps for Android.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics:



ABC kid’s app is free phonics and alphabet teaching Android apk for children like- preschoolers, kindergarteners, and toddlers which creates a great environment of learning. The app has great features which include tracing games that help a child to recognize word shapes, phonic sounds and increase their knowledge in fun matching exercise. Any kids can learn English alphabet simply by following the instruction with their finger. They can even collect stickers and toys as they complete the games. In addition, ABC Kids apk is fun that creates a great amicable environment for toddlers.


Kids Doodle – Color & Draw:



Kids Doodle is one of the best drawing game Android app for small children. The app has 24 sorts of magical and wonderful brushes for children to draw like- sparkle, neon, firecrackers, and colored pencil and so on. It helps children to enhance their creative ability. Different color variation makes each painting with outstanding surprise. The most excellent feature of this apk is that children can paint with the help of cartoon video. Moreover, the child can doodle on the photographs they cherish. The inherent display can demonstrate all the child’s illustration as an artist.


Kindergarten Kids Learning



Kindergarten Kids Learning is the best free Android learning app for kids to learn numbers, shapes, alphabet, rhymes, drawing, various charts, and body parts. The toddlers (age 2-6 years) can learn smoothly with the help of Kindergarten kids learning apk. After taking various feedback from the experienced teacher, the designers have come up with innovative design for children to hold up their concentration. They include some amazing features like- arrow shooting, car making, playing basketball, dog hopping etc. It helps a child to learn perfectly without losing concentration. Moreover, parents will find some excellent activities from this app regarding teach their child.


Educational Games 4 Kids:



Educational Games 4 Kids apk is designed only for children for educational purposes. the app helps them to learn about certain subjects, enhance their knowledge, culture or historical event and increase their unique skills. This app has some unique features like- educational quotes, games for kindergartens, colors for toddlers, a calendar for babies, letters and numbers, math puzzles, different shapes, train memory, improve pronunciation and help parents to teach their child. Moreover, the app helps to entertain your children besides education which is known as edutainment. However, an excessive advertisement might interrupt your children.


Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn:



Math Kids is free learning games apk intended to encourage toddler’s numbers and science. the apps include some special games that little children and kindergartens children will love to play and the more they play, their math skills significantly will be developed. It helps preschoolers, kindergarteners to identify numbers and easily teach them addition and subtraction with puzzles. If they complete one stage they will get stickers. This kids learning apk also helps to teach the basic concept of counting. Moreover, the app has some great feature that takes quizzes to see how the child can perform besides learning.


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