Top 10 Best dictionary apps for Android

There are so many third party dictionary apps are available in play store to learn the meaning of vocabularies. Here is the list of Top 10 Best dictionary apps for Android.

1. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus:



This dictionary covers around 140,000 entries along with synonyms, antonyms, and real-life examples. Made by MobiSystems, this dictionary comes with some unique features like camera search, word of the day and search autocomplete feature. If you like any word, you can put that in the favorite category. At the same time, you can go back to find all the words that you have searched recently. This great dictionary also comes with shortcomings. One of the painful things about this dictionary is that you cannot get benefitted from it when you are offline. Another complaint about this dictionary is that for smaller displays, there is limited space left for inputting words.





This dictionary is brought to you by LLC. Here you can find around 2,000,000+ words, synonyms, as well as antonyms. For learners who need to know the pronunciation of words, it also comes with pronunciation feature. Besides letting you know about the etymology of words, this dictionary also offers quizzes, word of the day and daily articles about the usage of words.  Another good news is that you can also use this dictionary on the computer as it has a computer version too.

If I talk about the things I do not like, I would say that sometimes it takes a long time to load a word. Another disadvantage is that in this dictionary, there is no alphabetical order in the arrangement of words; you type a word and get the meaning of that specific word, that’s all.


3. Dictionary Linguee:



This is a multi-lingual dictionary which covers English, French, German, Spanish and other significant languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Dutch). This dictionary is developed by 400 lexicographers from around the world. The great thing about this dictionary is that you do not need a penny to use it. On top of that, you can use offline mode to find daily used words. This dictionary provides in-context examples and sentences that connect you with many essences of words. I would recommend this dictionary to especially those who are looking for a dictionary that can help them learn new languages. Despite having all these mind-blowing advantages, no bookmarking options is a lack that this dictionary doesn’t feature.


4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:



Though an old one, Merriam-Webster Dictionary has some extraordinary features that attract modern-day users. Having all the necessary features like definitions, search history, voice search and word of the day, it also comes up with interesting quizzes and games to help vocabulary building. For tablet users, it offers a scrolling index.  You do not need the internet if you want to use definitions or thesaurus feature. But, for using voice search and audio pronunciation feature, you need a stable internet connection. By the way, you may face ‘no enough storage space’ alert if your phone doesn’t have enough memory to accommodate this.


5. English Dictionary:



Brought to you by Livio, this dictionary is made following Wiktionary as the basis. It covers around 3, 06,000+ definitions. It has some tremendous features that have contributed to its popularity. This dictionary app has bookmarking options. Even you can take personal notes about words here. If you ask about sharing, any words of this dictionary can be shared on social networking websites like WhatsApp, Facebook and even in Gmail. If you confuse with any setting you have changed, you can go back to restore the original configuration. Another feature that I would like to mention is that this dictionary features both American and British accent which will help you to learn both accents at the same time.

Though, it is undefeatable as an offline dictionary, sometimes you may notice the lack of the meaning or definitions of some vocabulary.


6. Google Search:



Google Search is different from a traditional dictionary that we use for looking up words and find meaning. The app has designed it in such a way that it works like your assistant for bringing to you whatever you want. If you have any question, ask it; it will come with an answer. If you just speak “OK Google”, it starts talking with you. If you are looking to shop and eat, ask it; it will suggest a bunch of nearest shops and restaurants. It doesn’t end here. Are you a sports maniac or a movie freak? It comes with a live score update and movie reviews for you. To be frank, there is nothing on the web that this app doesn’t cover.

Nothing in the world comes up only with advantages. Google Search app may keep you engaged in asking permissions. Sometimes it may open automatically. And if your phone is full of apps, it may crash.


7.ColorDict Dictionary

I personally like this dictionary very much. It has both online and offline feature. In offline, it covers Wordnet and Thesaurus. In online, it brings to you Wikipedia and Encyclopedia. Let me tell you another good side. The app is affiliated with StarDict which brings various downloadable add-on to support Japanese, Chinese, German, and Spanish. It is called ColorDict because of its variety of features and customizable color themes that you can use in the background. ColorDict Dictionary also features text-to-speech and voice recognition.

It doesn’t have many issues. The only disadvantage I find is that it comes with intrusive ads that may cover half of the screen.

8. Dict Box – Universal Offline Dictionary:



Made by EVOLLY.APP, This dictionary works both as a dictionary and translator simultaneously. It comes with the standard pronunciation of words. It is great for translation as it can translate words even in web browsers and any other apps. You can also translate using your camera. Having ‘Flashcards’ feature is one of the modern features that this dictionary facilitates. You can download more dictionaries of different languages to use for translation and looking up words. To be more specific, it comes with 100+ dictionaries and supports 50+ languages. It has a cloud backup service and synchronization option that make it easy to be used in different devices owned by the same owner.

Though it is a great app, it occupies a good amount of storage due to its vastness. Ads may also disturb you sometimes.


9. Pocket Thesaurus:



This handy dictionary features 90,000 important words with their synonyms and antonyms. It is offline and needs less than 20 MB to install. You can bookmark words to use later on. It also contains word history so that you can look back your searched words. It facilitates both dark and light themes for users to use it comfortably in days and nights. By the way, sometimes, it may stop working. If it happens with you, you should reinstall it.


10. WordWeb:



WordWeb Software has planned this dictionary to accommodate 2, 85,000 words and phrases. At the same time, it features 70,000 practical examples for understanding context. It combines British, Australian and American English. For those who are confused with spelling, spelling suggestions is a great feature to appreciate. Alphabetical listings and common abbreviations have further made it awesome.

Though it is offline and free, it is not known why it wants network access while it works. Another problem is that all the words in this dictionary do not facilitate pronunciation feature.

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