Top 10 Best dictionary apps for Android

A dictionary is a very important thing in all phase of our life. Moreover, a dictionary app nowadays is a very handy tool. Different features such as a word of the day help us to increase the vocabulary. Those learning languages out of the blue can discover them helpful in characterizing words they don’t actually know. They’re important learning apps. It’s far superior when you helpfully have them on your mobile phone. Some of the best dictionary apps for Android are described below.


1. Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus:



The WordNet word reference is composed of an inventive and helpful approach. It has unique features and about 1.4 million words and developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.  Moreover, the clear definition the dictionary indicates how each word is connected to different words as far as synonyms, opposites, and similar words, yet additionally hyponyms and hyperlinks inside the group. It also supports offline and is totally free on Google Play store.


2. is a standout amongst the most well-known dictionary applications out there. It has a huge amount of features, including a word of the day, sound articulations, an interpreter for more than 30 languages, and even the word origins. Moreover, you can search around 20 million English words and is very much useful for ACT study and SAT preparation. You can purchase extra dictionaries as in-application purchases. They incorporate idioms and phrases, and even a medicinal word reference. Generally, it’s a genuinely strong application. In any case, it plays recklessly with permissions. That has pursued a portion of the greater security cognizant away.


3. Dictionary Linguee:



Dictionary Linguee is one of the more up to date free word reference applications. It has some expertise in cross-language interpretations and definitions. It mainly supports English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and around twelve different languages. You’ll likewise get a search, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and so on. Relatively, it’s a fairly basic dictionary application. However, the entire application is completely free in-app store also for advertising. That makes it an entirely fair alternative.


4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary:



The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the more outstanding dictionary applications out there. The name acknowledgment alone has made it fantastic. Fortunately, it’s additionally loaded with features. Over the standard word definitions, the application features word games to build your vocabulary. It additionally includes a coordinated thesaurus, example sentences, audio elocutions, word of the day, and some more. The app is free but you can buy with $2.99. However, the excess advertising will sometimes interrupt but overall the app is very well.


5. English Dictionary:



English Dictionary is one of the best free dictionary applications. It brags a word base 306000 English words. That is most likely more than you’ll ever require. It likewise has an assortment of features that you don’t see each day. There is a randomizer that gives you a chance to look into irregular words. You can likewise pick between a light and a dark theme on the off chance that you lean toward. There are even some adorable little activities like you’re flicking through a book. The best part is that it’s totally free with no advertising.


6. Google Search:



Google’s application isn’t authoritatively a word reference application. Utilizing either the voice or text, you can essentially ask Google the definition from some random word. It’s a decent choice for the individuals who needn’t bother with an undeniable word reference application yet need to know the meaning of things. It additionally accompanies the majority of its typical features, similar to Google Now, Now on Tap, interpretation features, news highlights, and updates. Once more, it’s not incredible in the event that you require a word reference application that accomplishes more than giving definitions. In any case, it is more than adequate for looking into a word truly rapidly.


7. Ninjawords Dictionary:



To know the significance of unpredictable or confused words, Ninjawords dictionary application can be known as the best free dictionary application for iOS clients. It causes the clients to make solid their vocabulary and words learning.


8. Dict Box – Universal Offline Dictionary:



Offline Dictionary is another best word reference applications that focus on various languages. It underpins more than two dozen languages like- English, Spanish, German, and Arabic and so on. Every language has its very own word reference that can be downloaded for offline use. You can download the same number of or as few as you need. It additionally incorporates an implicit thesaurus on the off chance that you require one of those. Moreover, it’s shockingly light on features. The application covers the nuts and bolts, including sentence examples, word correction, and audio elocution. Finally, you can download it free on Google Play store.


9. Pocket Thesaurus:



Pocket Thesaurus is another application that is actually not a dictionary application. It very well may be utilized with one to give you a much more prominent comprehension of the English language. The application requires 20MB introduce estimate which is genuinely sensible thinking about that it covers 90,000 basic words. There is additionally a drifting thesaurus mode that gives you a chance to see equivalent synonyms basically by choosing them. It functions admirably when combined with a correspondingly straightforward word reference application for a one-two combo. The app is totally free but sometimes advertising might interrupt.


10. WordWeb:



WordWeb Dictionary is one of the more prevalent free dictionary applications for Android. It highlights 2, 85000 words, 2, 25000-word sense definitions and so on. There is likewise a built-in thesaurus, 85000 pronunciations, and so more. Maybe its most one of a kind component is the capacity to discover normally misconstrued words or realize the contrast between words that sound comparable. Moreover, it has simple features and historical settings. Finally, you can use WordWeb in offline and it’s totally free on the app store.


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